Well, after 48 hours of continual development in the computer labs of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) Adelaide, 50 people made 14 games and the rooms were quite... er... fragrant.

The theme of 'Ritual' was revealed on Friday night and we workshopped the idea of the player being a ghost in a haunted house. Your goal is to influence the poor souls visiting the haunted house to complete your resurrection ritual. There is a kind of 'Scooby Doo' comedic element throughout and many players got a good laugh!

With no direct control over the character (NPC) on the screen, you as a ghost must rattle cupboards, mirrors and chime cuckoo clocks to spook Sally, luring her around the house to collect the five items for the ritual and take them to the attic. However, pay attention to the fear meter, if you scare her too much, she will run screaming from the house and you lose your chance to come back from the dead!
A feature image created to capture the essence of the game we made.
Created walk and run cycle for the non player character (NPC) in 8 frames in Photoshop.
Art mockup of the game created in Photoshop during the Game Jam. Game art assets were exported from here.
Screenshot of final game at the end of the Global Game Jam, created in Unity with procedurally generated rooms, playable on Windows.
This was my first Game Jam and I had heard from others that it could be a challenging event to complete in the pressure cooker of one weekend! I was fortunate to have a great team, we all took planning seriously and focused on getting our entry completed on time while making something we were all proud of.
Sound design was by the very talented Tim Whitt, voice talent (screaming) was by yours truly, as was all the artwork. Programming and design by Torbjorn Van Heeswick (who was also project lead), Tom Chataway, Reece Howe, Samantha Schaffer and Jimmy Tang.
Team Spookums has decided to keep working on the game for a little longer to improve its balance and to add more complexity, increasing its challenge and sense of fun. Look out for Spookums' Spooky House on Steam, but in the meantime you can see our entry and play the game from the Global Game Jam site - code is open source.
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